Ethereum Grapples with Formidable $3,840 Barrier in Turbulent Cryptocurrency Waters


The price of Ethereum, a cryptocurrency whose malevolent joust with resistance levels seems relentless, is finding it daunting to secure a threshold above the menacing and unyielding $3,840 resistance zone. Its dynamic bullish potential and momentum hinge on successfully traversing the turbulent waters of the $3,840 and $3,880 resistance straits.

Perched comfortably upon the buttress of $3,720, Ethereum clings tight to its earnings. It gamely forges ahead, sailing beyond the marker of $3,750 and prevailing over the 100-hourly Simple Moving Average. A buoyant trendline, indicative of bullish sentiment, is steadily taking shape, finding support near the $3,760 mark on the hourly price chart of ETH/USD.

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The Ethereum token could experience a rejuvenating surge unless it slips and culminates in a harrowing close beneath the prop of $3,720.

The Ethereum price gently swirled downwards again, skirting past the $3,760 support zone only to rebound and pit itself against enduring $3,720 support. The contests remained robust, yielding a result as staunch as its previous encounters. A nadir was plotted at $3,728, prompting another buoyant climb reminiscent of Bitcoin.

The token arose, triumphant over the $3,800 mark, only to be met by stiff resistance as meddling bears muscled in yet again near the redoubtable $3,840 barrier. A peak blossomed at $3,836, and the currency now hovers in a period of even-keeled consolidation, briefly tempered under the 23.6% Fib retracement level, marking an upward lunge from the $3,728 trough to the pinnacle of $3,836.

Ethereum perseveres, with its price nestled securely above $3,760 and the 100-hourly Simple Moving Average. A burgeoning bullish trendline continues to solidify its foundation around the $3,760 mark on the ETH/USD hourly chart.

Anticipating another rally, observers note that Ethereum might butt heads with stubborn resistance enveloping the $3,820 threshold. The first substantial fortress of resistance looms at the $3,840 level. An audacious breach could possibly catapult the price skyward, with the next significant line of resistance planted at $3,920. Beyond this, the figure could springboard towards the coveted $4,000 level.

Should the bullish tide carry Ethereum above the vaunted $4,000 mark, the price has potential to ascend and reckon with a $4,080 resistance barrier. Any further gains might propel Ethereum into the near-untrodden $4,220 zone.

Yet, if Ethereum crumbles under the formidable $3,840 resistance, another deflating decline could be on the cards. Immediate succor rests near the $3,780 mark and alongside the 50% Fib retracement level from the $3,728 low to the $3,836 apex. The next considerable source of backing is near the $3,760 zone. A decisive nosedive below the $3,760 support might thrust the price spiraling toward $3,720 or even lower, as skeptics predict a further tumble to the $3,650 mark in the foreseeable future.

Crucially, the MACD for ETH/USD is showing subtle signs of depleted momentum in the bullish quadrant. Moreover, the RSI for ETH/USD stands firm above 50, indicating buyers are currently holding the fort. As this complex dance continues, a major support level has been marked at $3,760, and a significant resistance is being skirmished at $3,840.

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