Ethereum ETFs are Hot Now, but for Canadians, they are too hot to handle


It is a while since Bitcoin led the upward charge for the cryptocurrency world. Now, Ethereum and Dogecoin are in the limelight and contend to outperform Bitcoin. Dogecoin, for instance, was created as a joke, but now, nobody is ignoring its hilarious run. Some investors who once ignored the tokens are already considering initiating a position.

For investors who feel insecure betting on meme coins like Dogecoin, a fresh slate of Ether and Ethereum ETFs would be a better target. Ethereum ETFs recently went live on Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and are currently trading fiercely.

For weeks, the three ETFs have been red hot, but for Canadians, they may be too hot to handle right now. But for those who are keen, CI Galaxy Ethereum ETF is the best to consider given that it charges the lowest fee.

However, betting on any cryptocurrencies is risky and anyone doing so should be willing to lose their money. Ethereum is in new highs and flirted recently reaching $3, 500, enticing Bitcoin speculators to join.

For Bitcoin, the run seems to have run dry and Ethereum has come at the right time. How long Ethereum can continue outperforming Bitcoin, no one can tell. But for the firm bringing Ether and Ethereum ETFs in the market, they will continue collecting fees in the latest rally.

But for beginners, it is better to look for gold, if they want their asset to hold value in the face of potential inflation. U.S. Treasury Secretary recently hinted that high rates in the cards prevent overheating the economy that will cause the market to trend low. That bad for tech stock but pretty good for gold.

Though cryptocurrencies have stolen some attention from gold and gold miners. Still, there is speculation that tables will eventually turn around in the crypto crackdown. Crackdown on crypto to curb their success will make Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin in between not worth the shot for a quick gain.


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