Esteemed Principal Charlotte Avery Appointed to Lead St. Cuthbert’s College


England-native Charlotte Avery, an esteemed principal, has been officially selected to lead St. Cuthbert’s College in an exciting move by one of Auckland’s most respected educational institutions.

The announcement of Avery’s appointment was made by Leigh Melville, chair of the St Cuthbert’s Trust Board. Melville expressed her delight by saying, “We are overjoyed that Charlotte is joining our distinguished St Cuthbert’s team.”

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Avery is highly regarded as a dedicated and ambitious educational leader, who excels at executing a balanced, intellectually challenging, and futuristic curriculum for girls. Presently, Avery holds the principal position at St Mary’s School in Cambridge, a top-rated independent institution in the UK.

With a Master’s degree in English from Oxford University’s St Anne’s College and a Master’s degree in education management from Kings College London, Avery’s credentials are indeed impressive.

The current Principal, Justine Mahon, who has valiantly served St Cuthbert’s since 2017, will be stepping down to make way for Avery, who will assume her new position in the middle of the upcoming year.

Mahon’s tenure saw St Cuthbert’s execute several pivotal initiatives in critical academic areas such as Mathematics, English, and Science, including the recently introduced specialized Year 11 curriculum.

Melville conferred, “The Trust Board was adamant about appointing an individual with the capabilities and expertise necesary to augment this strong legacy of academic excellence.”

Aimed at ensuring the students’ competitiveness, Melville stressed the need for delivering globally relevant education. “Our goal is to arm these young individuals with the necessary skills and confidence to navigate their futures successfully, regardless of the field they choose.”

Having spent a considerable amount of time understanding Avery during the recruitment process, the Trust Board grew acquainted with her during her visit to Auckland. As a charismatic leader, she is known for passionately nurturing young women to be curious, creative, and compassionate and to aspire confidently and demonstrate integrity towards creating a better world.

Melville noted, “Charlotte’s unparalleled combination of skills and experience will steer St Cuthbert’s into a promising future.”

Avery has been a prominent figure in contemporary girls’ education, earning recognition initially in the UK as President of the Girls’ School Association, and more recently as a Board member of the International Coalition of Girls’ Schools.

Melville added, “The fact that we attracted a substantial number of extremely qualified candidates, both locally and internationally, speaks volumes about the commendable work of Justine Mahon and her team.”