Essential Oils — Why all the Fuss?


You’ve likely heard about essential oils recently. You’ll see them mentioned everywhere from magazines to the news to your social media sites. But what exactly are they, and what’s the big deal? And more importantly, how exactly do you use them?

We are surrounded by chemicals and synthetic products all the time — from our cleaning products to what we put on and in our bodies. Pure essential oils are powerful, natural tools we can use to support our wellness, and deal with everyday ailments, without harmful chemicals. They empower us to take our health (and our family’s health!) into our own hands, in a way that works to strengthen and support our overall wellbeing — physical, emotional and mental.

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Join us for a free workshop, and learn more about using essential oils for: 

– optimal health

– better sleep

– more energy

– emotional wellness

– mood

– healthy weight

And then try some hands-on projects, to see how easy they are to use and incorporate into your life. Make an immune-boosting roll-on (to help your body combat all the germs that surround us this time of year) and a sleep spray (because a good night’s sleep is key to staying healthy!)

Choose from one of the following dates:

Fri., Feb. 10 at 7pm

Mon., Feb. 13 at 7pm

Wed., Feb. 15 at 7pm

Sat., Feb. 18 at 2pm

Mon., Feb. 27 at 7pm

Cedar Park – RSVP for address. Hope to see you there!

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