Escaped Murderer Possibly Armed and on the Loose in Chester County


Danelo Cavalcante, a convicted murderer who escaped from a Pennsylvanian prison almost two weeks ago, has been reported again in Chester County’s South Coventry Township, some 20 miles from the prison he fled. This time, according to an alert from Chester County 911, he may possibly be carrying a weapon, escalating the alarm for the area’s residents.

The Pennsylvania State Police received reports of Cavalcante’s presence, prompting an alert warning residents within the vicinity of Ridge Rd/Coventryville Rd/Daisy Point Rd in South Coventry Township. The report asked locals to lock all entrances, secure their vehicles and stay indoors. Details about the more recent sighting were not provided, although they confirmed it happened.

This recent spotting of Cavalcante marked the first since the weekend when he managed to slip through a police search perimeter, stole a van and altered his appearance. Before abandoning the vehicle in East Nantmeal Township, Cavalcante was sighted over 20 miles away. Authorities are investigating any information received and have increased the reward for Cavalcante’s capture to $25,000.

The search for Cavalcante, who fled Chester County Prison in late August following his conviction of first-degree murder, significantly shifted over the weekend. The geographical focus has now moved north of the prison, particularly in East Nantmeal Township, where Cavalcante was believed to have abandoned the stolen van.

Cavalcante also visited the home of an old acquaintance in East Pikeland Township, after stealing the van. Using his acquaintance’s Ring doorbell camera, he demonstrated his new clean-shaven look, although no one was home to meet him. He later attempted to contact another acquaintance in the Phoenixville area, who also wasn’t home, but called the police after a female occupant spotted the escapee.

On another note, Cavalcante’s sister, whose visa had reportedly expired, is now in the custody of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, set for deportation proceedings due to her failure to cooperate.

Cavalcante had been in jail for the murder of his former girlfriend, 33-year-old Deborah Brandão, when he managed his audacious escape by “crab walking” between two walls, scaling a fence, and crossing razor wire. His actions have put local communities on high alert and disrupted normal life, such as leading to school closures, as authorities hunt for him.

Law enforcement are now doubling down on their efforts, implementing a shoulder-to-shoulder search and locking down properties. Churches have begun locking doors during services, and residents are asked to check their surveillance footage, secure homes and vehicles, and familiarize themselves with Cavalcante’s new appearance.

Authorities suggest that Cavalcante remains desperate and on the run. His escapade is astounding to investigators, considering that most escaped criminals are caught within 24 hours and within a two-mile radius. Cavalcante, however, continues to evade capture, changing the stakes altogether and compelling him to take bigger risks.

While Cavalcante managed to evade the law enforcement’s perimeter in Chester County, the escapee now faces a different kind of terrain in East Nantmeal Township. This circumstance has law enforcement prepared to leverage more resources for a more extended search as they continue their pursuit of Cavalcante.

In a recent update, it appears Cavalcante may have altered his appearance again by shaving his face and acquiring a green hooded sweater. Law enforcement emphasizes that no perimeter is entirely secure and his ability to slip away testifies to his unwavering patience.

If Cavalcante can find an ally to provide him with resources such as a vehicle or phone, the search could potentially become even more difficult. Authorities emphasize, however, that the focus remains on his likely contacts and possible destinations.

In addition to his local conviction, Cavalcante is also a suspect in a 2017 homicide case in Brazil, his home country. He is rumored to have been in various habitats and vehicles since his escape. His ability to stay below the radar has made him an unnervingly elusive target, leading to numerous reported sightings of the fugitive across various zones in Pennsylvania, the most recent one in East Nantmeal Township.


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