Erling Haaland Debuts as Cover Star of Revolutionary EA Sports FC Game


The dawn of a new era in football simulation gaming garners attention as Manchester City’s Erling Haaland debuts as the first cover star of EA Sports FC. For three decades, the FIFA name has been a cornerstone of football video games. The status quo is due for a seismic shift as the freshly redesigned football simulator from Electronic Arts (EA) graces store shelves this week.

The brand’s decision to step out of the FIFA shadow was incited by a disagreement over licensing costs. As the leading franchise in the UK since the nineties, the audacious rebranding of the beloved game has been described as “unprecedented” by industry experts.

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The gamble sees EA dispensing with the name and brand recognition attached to FIFA, one valued at an astounding $2bn (£1.6bn) in net revenue by 2020. Experts warn that such a move entails considerable challenges, including alienating a devoted fanbase accustomed to the authenticity connected with the FIFA moniker.

The new avatar, EA Sports FC 24, retains its rights to employ player likenesses, a crucial element that contributed to the success of the FIFA games. Meanwhile, gameplay tweaks largely focus on graphics and tactics, with reviews generally being positive thus far.

With licensing rights to thousands of footballers, teams, and leagues from around the globe, EA Sports FC is banking on enticing fans through maintaining a deep connection to real-world football, despite the separation from the governing body.

EA Sports FC’s Ultimate Team game mode continues the tradition, allowing players to amass a dream roster and compete with rivals worldwide. This popular mode contributes to over half of the game’s overall revenue, largely driven by in-game purchases and loot boxes, albeit not without controversy.

The addition of female players in the Ultimate Team mode, a first for the franchise, could potentially balance the scales. Pioneering this new era in the football game is former England and Arsenal striker Kelly Smith who stands as the first female icon showcased in EA Sports FC 24.

As we gear up for this anticipated milestone, fans are eager to see if the rebranding gamble will pay off. The question is, will this be a lesson in how to play your cards right when it comes to making major changes?

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EA Sports FC 24 will officially be releasing on September 29. The gaming world eagerly awaits the reception of this bold makeover and the ensuing evolution of football simulation gaming.