Environment Canada Warns Toronto And Rest Of GTA To Expect 25 Cm Of Snow


It looks like it might be a snowy week for learners in Toronto. Students going back to in-class sessions in the GTA have been warned to expect at least 25 cm of snow this week.

The Environment Canada warned of at least 25 cm of snow in Toronto, and the GTA, this Sunday. This even as Toronto and its environs expect to be hit by intense precipitation.

The initial weather system will be available overnight or early Monday and is expected to deliver at least 5 cm of snow by the afternoon. All areas in proximity to Lake Erie might see about 10 cm of precipitation, with about the same amount expected much later.

As a result, the EC is asking all motorists for deteriorating weather conditions. In the meantime, Hamilton and Niagara are have received a winter storm advisory, and they might experience about 30 cm of snow.

Although poor weather is expected for the rest of this week, the seasonal temperature is also expected. This Monday, Toronto will see a high of – 6C, with wind chills reaching -15 C. The EC expects that Tuesday will be much colder, with temperatures expected to hit a high of -8 C.

The weather agency noted that temperatures for the remaining days of the season are likely to reach freezing point.

Dave Phillips, the EC’s senior climatologist, stated that they expect melting temperatures and some sunshine in the following days.


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