Environment Canada Issues Another Heat Wave Warning For Other Areas Of B. C’s Interior


Environment Canada has issued a heatwave warning covering other areas of B. C’s interior. The agency stated that it issuing a warning for a potential heatwave for persons leaving in the Fraser Canyon area that includes Lillooet, and Lytton for last Sunday’s afternoon noting the two areas might experience above seasonal daylight temperatures.

The impending heatwave isn’t expected to be as intense as the last one. Daylight temperatures in Fraser are expected to reach between 35 and 38 C starting Monday through to Wednesday, with nighttime lows reaching 18 C.

Environment Canada also noted that warm nights imply the people will have no break from the heatwave. It went on to say that people should watch out for effects of the heatwave including rash, swelling, fatigue, cramps, heat exhaustion, and fainting.

The EC also issues a similar warning for South Thompson, 100 Miles and Cariboo.

The complicating element is that the areas Environment Canada mentions have also been warning by the B.C Wildfire Service to be ready for potential wildfires. As at last Sunday, about 300 wildfires were razing down different areas of B.C.


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