Entain Eyes Strategic Board Shift, Considers BetMGM Stake Sale


Entain Plc is said to be in deliberations about bringing Eminence Capital’s founder, Ricky Sandler, onto its board of directors. This potential appointment could signal strategic shifts for Entain, possibly leading to the sale of its valuable 50% share in BetMGM, the online sportsbook and casino juggernaut.

Emerging reports suggest that Ricky Sandler may soon play a prominent role in the strategic guidance of Entain in the wake of CEO Jette Nygaard-Andersen’s abrupt departure. This comes amid Nygaard-Andersen’s project purchases that Sandler has openly criticized for their financial rationale, particularly the $750 million acquisition of STS Holding.

At the end of the second quarter, Eminence Capital, led by Sandler as CEO and CIO, held a 2.1% stake in Entain, indicating not only interest but also influence in the company’s operational direction. The potential induction of Sandler to the board could be perceived as an overture to Dendur Capital and Sached Heam Capital, activist investors who have recently claimed stakes in the gaming corporation and are advocating for Sandler’s involvement in filling additional board vacancies.

The timing of these developments is intriguing, aligning closely with the news that Keith Meister’s Corvex Management has acquired a 4.4% stake in Entain. The interlacing of interests raises eyebrows as Corvex is a substantial investor in MGM Resorts International, the other half of BetMGM’s ownership duo, with Meister being a board member of the casino giant.

Sandler has previously mooted the possibility of Entain divesting its interest in BetMGM to concentrate on markets where it possesses a more dominant presence, such as Australia, Europe, and the UK. MGM Resorts International is eyeing complete ownership of BetMGM and could likely entice Entain with a proposition to acquire its stake, a more economical route than buying Entain in totality.

While Entain is not expected to invite Meister to its board due to his existing board commitments, speculation continues about what a Sandler board appointment could mean for the company’s future. Notably, the timing for Entain to ponder its BetMGM stake is particularly auspicious.

BetMGM’s profitability is soaring, with an aim of reaching $500 million in EBITDA by 2026. Furthermore, it is approaching a self-funding status, reducing the necessity for Entain to inject additional capital. However, should MGM present an irresistible offer, Entain might find parting with BetMGM an advantageous move.

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