Enjoying the Best Tours on Kauai Hawaii


Kauai is one of the most popular areas for visitors in all of Hawaii for both tourists as well as state natives looking to connect with one of the most beautiful areas in all the islands. Kauai is nicknamed “The Garden Isle” because of the incredibly thick and thriving rain forests over most of the island and you would be surprised just how many of the “incredibly beautiful nature shot” from Hawaii comes from the Kauai area.

Bus Tour Waimea Canyon

Waimea Canyon

This is a great starting spot if you’re looking for a Kauai tour because it is fantastic morning bus tour that takes up only half a day, allowing you to adjust to your vacation or open the day and evening. Waimea Canyon is known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific and is an incredible array of green cliffs, incredible waterfalls, and views that are world-famous.

This tour is a combination of comfortable views from a very comfortable bus or getting out at scenic points to stretch the legs while surrounded by some of the most stunning natural scenery that Hawaii has to offer.

Like Zip Lining?

One pretty awesome way to experience the thick rain forests of Kauai is via zip line. There are multiple eco-friendly zip-lines that give a truly unique view of the area while also creating an actual experience that will likely be unforgettable.

The best tours will bring you to popular zip lines, help teach you the right way to use the equipment and the right form to have, and then you’ll get to enjoy that fast adrenaline-inducing bird’s eye view. These tours are often only 2-3 hours meaning they can often be fit into an active day with other great local Kauai tours as well!

Grab a Helicopter Tour

There is something to be said about a bird’s eye view of a tropical island. Helicopter tours are a great way to truly get the full view of these amazing islands. Not often you can get an incredible view of ocean, stunning rising cliffs, and thick rain forests all in one look, but those pictures are available in abundance. The helicopter tours of this beautiful tropical gem are a great way to really see best that Hawaii has to offer.

There are many relatively inexpensive helicopters tours in the $300-400 range that still allow you to see plenty of amazing views and get the best tour experience possible with photos that will stun and yet pale in comparison to the memories that you create.

Many Ways to See Na Pali

Some of the absolute best tours on Kauai Hawaii revolve around exploring Na Pali. There are kayaking tours of this popular part of the coast, snorkelling and sailing combination tours, sunset cruises, and more. Na Pali is famous for being one of the most popular spots in Kauai and offering a wide array of experiences that will leave you hard-pressed to find a comparison in any other location.

The sheer number of Kauai tour boats available just makes it that much more exciting to explore and see what this wonderful Pacific gem has to offer.

Create Your Own Tour

While there are many different sights to see and places to visit on Kauai, never be afraid to mould your tour or set of tour experiences around what you enjoy the most. What is the perfect vacation for one person might not be even close to another and understanding this and being honest with what you enjoy most instead of being pressured into other tours will help ensure that you have a lovely and unforgettable experience that you yourself had a hand in making.


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