English School Board Mulling Over Mandating Masks Inside Classrooms


Montreal’s English School Board is considering making masks mandatory inside classrooms for all grades but kindergarten, the board said on the 22nd of August.

While the first of school is on the 31st of August, the board will reach a solution on the 1st of September.

At the start of this month, the Ministry of Education has pointed out that all students will be expected to wear a mask all common areas, but in class, an announcement that caused mixed reactions among various stakeholders.

Based on the boards recent press release, the news caused a lot anxiety among parents, leading board to think about imposing tighter rules regarding when and where masks can be worn.

The board’s chairperson, Joe Ortona, said it would be best if students are allowed to wear their masks in the first two days of each school week regardless of what the board decides in September.

Ortona told local media that learners will have a short grace period to acclimatize to the new guidelines, if masks become mandatory in class.


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