Emergency Evacuation Rescues 40 from Hazardous Moose Jaw Complex


Over 40 individuals were left without their homes in Moose Jaw following an emergency evacuation due to severe living hazards in the residential complex. The safety concerns surrounding the evacuated structure included numerous fire code breaches, structural flaws, electrical troubles, and a perilous gas leak.

Chief of Police Rick Bourassa of Moose Jaw lauded the compliance exhibited by the displaced residents during the evacuation carried out earlier this week. These unfortunate victims are currently being accommodated in local hotels or at the residences of family members and friends. Bourassa was relieved that the vulnerable tenants were no longer subjected to such hazardous living conditions, stating that housing agencies were able to offer safer alternatives.

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An obligatory evacuation order was implemented after the city, in collaboration with local fire and police departments, unearthed a slew of safety violations. Reportedly, the violations involved unsuitable infrastructure such as inoperable windows, decaying fire escape flooring, suites lacking doors or locks, and an alarming accumulation of combustibles blocking emergency exits, a grave offense under fire safety regulations.

The alarming findings led authorities to an apartment building at downtown Moose Jaw, undertaking an emergency evacuation due to numerous safety violations. It was disclosed that the natural gas leak was severe enough to necessitate the disconnection of utilities to the building, situated on the corner of Stadacona Street and 1st Avenue N.W.

The John Howard Society was among the supportive agencies responding swiftly to aid the affected residents. Jody Oakes of the society expressed gratitude for the city’s collective and quick response, mentioning the active participation of city managers, the fire department, transit system, police department, social services, and Moose Jaw housing.

As of Tuesday, the society managed to establish contact with 39 inhabitants of the building. However, Oakes pointed out that they were unable to reach another eight to ten individuals who also resided in the complex. The agency is fervently hoping to establish contact with these residents at the earliest.

The historic building, dating back to the 1900s, now stands deserted and boarded up as a grim testament to the emergency that unfolded within its walls.