Embattled Politician Eric Ulrich Pens Animal Themed Children’s Book Amid Corruption Scandal


In a perplexing turn of events, former New York City councilmember, Eric Ulrich, known primarily for his embattled political career, has authored a children’s book while he anticipates an impending unveiling of a probable federal criminal indictment against him.

Ulrich, who stepped down from his post as Department of Buildings commissioner on November 3, 2022, following an FBI seizure of his phone, has since dedicated his time to crafting a peculiar tale for children titled “If Pets Could Vote…”. Self-published just last week, the book is reportedly inspired by the humane treatment of animals – and carries hints of his former colleagues at City Hall.

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Renowned newspaper, New York Times, brought surface earlier this year that the Republican ex-councilmember is facing accusations of corruption. The indictment, insiders report, could be revealed anytime soon.

The allegations against Ulrich involve his so-called acceptance of discounted apartment rental and a free couch from a local property developer eager for a business transaction with the city. Alleged ties to unlawful gambling and organized crime are also under the investigation spotlight.

In the interim, Ulrich’s pen has been flowing. His newly crafted book “If Pets Could Vote…” targets a young audience, between the ages of three and eight. It introduces children to a fantastic world where dogs are judges, juries, and the presiding legal minds in courtroom dramas. Ulrich proposes, “How delightful would it be to see 12 fluffy pups in the courtroom? Surely, they would grant shelter dogs a second chance.”

The narrative also introduces a rather unusual leader – a parakeet president who, upon ascending power, frees her fellow birds from their cages. Ulrich shares, “Birds are not meant for cages. God imbued them with wings to soar high.”

While one might perceive the storyline as a reflection of the former councilmember’s looming legal challenges, Ulrich insists the story revolves around the humane treatment of animals. However, he accepts that the chameleon city councilor character, described as one who can conveniently change colors and ‘wiggle its way out’ of any circumstance, is indeed a direct jibe at his perceived political detractors.

Expressing discontent with the ongoing situation, Ulrich has criticized the Manhattan DA’s office for its alleged lack of professionalism. Part of the federal investigation, he adds, revolves around an alleged illegal gambling operation led by a Queens businessman named Joseph Livreri at a location disguised as a pizzeria – Aldo’s, in Ozone Park. Livreri, who allegedly has a history of Mob ties, is also suspected of operating illegal card games and gambling machines from another Ozone Park location, the 101 Café.

Ulrich told investigators that he stopped frequenting Livreri’s underground gambling locales in 2021. Transparent about his past struggles with drinking and gambling issues, the embattled ex-councilman meanwhile hopes readers, young and old alike, will dive into his intriguing tale, a world where pets rule and human law is superseded by a gentler, more considerate justice for all creatures ©.