Electric Playhouse Brings Motion-Controlled Gaming to Las Vegas This Summer


This summer, Las Vegas will be getting a pinch of high-tech arcade magic. Electric Playhouse, the cutting-edge pioneer in motion-controlled video gaming, is gearing up to launch its dazzling entertainment arena at the esteemed Forum Shops inside the iconic Caesars Palace.

The allure of Electric Playhouse lies in its unique gaming approach, in which players’ movements are detected by sensors embedded in the walls and floors, thereby transforming human motion into digital action. As players weave, dodge, shuffle, and leap, the environment reciprocates, bustling with responsive changes made possible by the incredibly sophisticated 360-degree projection mapping system. This setup enables the walls, floors, and even tables to respond to the actions of the guests, bridging the them into a whirlwind experience of interactive games and immersive dining adventures.

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The innovative company first opened its doors in 2021 in Albuquerque – a city that also shares the honor of being the birthplace of its enigmatic creator, Brandon Garrett. Perhaps it’s in the water, but oddly enough, Albuquerque also happens to be the birthplace of another trailblazer in the realm of interactive amusement. AREA15’s Meow Wolf, currently hailed as the gaming emperor of Vegas, shares a similar cradle in sunny New Mexico.

Now, Electric Playhouse is poised to make its second home in the heart of Las Vegas, opening its doors to “children of all ages” on June 22. Nestled on the third floor of Forum Shops, the Las Vegas iteration of Electric Playhouse, spanning a floor area of 10,000 square feet, may be less than half the size of its Albuquerque counterpart but it promises no ounce less of excitement or ingenuity.

Piquing the curiosity of guests, Electric Playhouse teases a remarkable promise of transformation: a transcendental journey from couch to console, from lounging to a fascinating universe where bodies evolve into controllers. This announcement alone is set to ignite anticipation within both gaming enthusiasts and casual visitors alike.

In addition to this, the arcade marvel is planning to unveil an upscale dining experience and a full-scale bar later in the year. A cherry on the top is its picturesque outdoor patio poised to look out over the variable electric hues of the Las Vegas Strip. Reflecting a symbiosis of leisure with live action, Electric Playhouse will be offering viewing packages for the highly anticipated F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix set to take place on November 23. To sum up the buzz, Las Vegas seems in for an unforgettable summer of gaming grandeur at the Electric Playhouse at Caesars Palace.