Electric car explodes in Ile Bizard home Friday


Residents of two bungalows on Montigny Street, L’Île-Bizard,  were unable to return to their homes on Friday after the violent explosion of an electric car that was in the garage of one of the two homes.

“The fire did not spread to the house, but there are only two walls left in the garage. The garage door was blown across the street. The garage ceiling was also blown up, “said Louise Desrosiers, section manager, at the Montreal Fire Department.

Since the building’s structure has been weakened, “the citizens were not permitted to return home,” added Ms. Desrosiers.

An inspection of the structure will have to be carried out to determine the state of the premises and to decide when the occupants will be able to return to their homes.Electric car explodes in Ile Bizard home Friday

An inspection will also take place on the car and its connection system.

“The car is fully electric. It was plugged in and there was no other potential source around, “said the SIM spokeswoman, noting that the cause of the explosion might be on the side of the connection and/or the battery.

According to what QMI Agency (Quebec Media Inc) has learned from another source, it is a Kona from automaker Hyundai.

Nobody was hurt during the explosion. Thirty firefighters were dispatched to the scene to extinguish the fire.


  1. Lithium ion cells don’t explode with any Force like that. Natural gas or something else exploded from fire in order for this to happen. There is an interview on CBS news I believe in which the owner says the car was NOT plugged in.


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