Elderly Woman’s Parking Mistake Causes Serious Bank Accident in South Edmonton


A dramatic scene unfolded on Wednesday as a male patron was rushed to the hospital following a vehicular accident at a south Edmonton bank. A Toyota Corolla plowed into the building after the driver, a woman in her early sixties, mistakenly pressed the accelerator instead of the brakes.

Having intended to occupy a disabled spot right outside the CIBC branch just beyond Whitemud Drive, at the intersection of Gateway Boulevard and 42 Avenue, the woman found herself in an unexpected predicament when her vehicle careened through a large west-side window of the bank, crushing an unassuming man against his office desk.

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Emergency medical personnel swiftly arrived at the scene applying immediate attention to the man. His injuries, albeit serious, were not deemed life-threatening as the paramedics promptly conveyed him to a nearby hospital for further treatment.

The errant vehicle inflicted considerable damage to the bank’s premises, according to the police. Following a preliminary investigation of the incident, officials ruled out speed, impairment or any related medical episode as potential causes.

The aftermath sees the elderly driver confronted with traffic safety charges, underscoring the harsh reality of a seemingly mundane parking mistake escalated into an unfortunate accident causing harm and destruction.