Elderly Woman Denies Orchestrating Grisly Love-Triangle Murder for Insurance Payout


Sharon Graham, a 61-year-old woman at the center of an intrigue filled with love, friendship, betrayal, and death, vehemently denies her involvement in the gruesome slaying of her former lover, Nambour butcher Bruce Saunders, whose remains were discarded in an industrial wood chipper. The dramatic tale unfolds before a jury in a Brisbane Supreme Court.

In November 2017, at a secluded property nestled in Goomboorian just 20 km northeast of Gympie, Bruce Saunders met his untimely demise. Graham, who vehemently entered a not guilty plea, allegedly masterminded the scheme to have 54-year-old Saunders executed by Gregory Roser and Peter Koenig under the guise of clearing trees on the rural property.

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The gruesome account details Saunders being bludgeoned with a metal rod by Roser before his lifeless body found its way into an industrial wood chipper, in an orchestrated act of cruelty allegedly coordinated by Roser and Koenig.

Crown prosecutor Todd Fuller KC relayed the intricate relationship between the key perpetrators. Graham, it was revealed, has intertwined romantic ties with all three men, beginning an affair with Roser after ending her relationship with Saunders.

A convoluted friendship, marked by sporadic intimacy, existed between Graham and Koenig. The jury learned of the ulterior motive behind this deadly plot. Saunders’ $750,000 life insurance policy, which singularly listed Graham as the beneficiary, played a notable role in the murderous scheme.

Fuller alleges it was Graham who “counselled or procured the murder” of Saunders, orchestrating the circumstances that led to his death. Fuller framed the tale as something akin to a Shakespearean tragedy, only grounded in reality rather than fiction.

“On that fateful November day in 2017, Graham was safely ensconced in the home Saunders owned, while Roser was executing her macabre bidding,” Fuller described.

In his opening remarks, Fuller spoke of Graham’s power over the three men, who were seemingly infatuated with her and would evidently go to any lengths for her continued affection. He further suggested that Graham plotted against Saunders, seeing him as more valuable to her dead than alive.

According to Fuller, not only was Graham the intended recipient of Saunders’ insurance policy, but she was also set to inherit his assets, including his house, car, and savings. The initial police report suggested that Saunders’ death was an unfortunate accident, where he had inadvertently fallen into the wood chipper. Only his lower body remained untouched, the jury was told.

The layers of this haunting story further unraveled as it was noted that Saunders had recently updated his life insurance policy, prominently placing Graham as the sole benefactor despite their separation at the time, as Saunders remained infatuated with Graham and would go to any length to keep her.

The defense is slated to present their counter-narrative to the jury soon. While this tale of love, betrayal, and death unfurls, it serves as a stark reminder that sometimes those closest to us, can cause the most harm.