Elderly New Zealand Man Accused of Murder Awaits High Court Appearance


The octogenarian, John Alfred Salter from Tauranga region, recently confronted the courtroom of Tauranga District, accused of murdering his spouse. The 80-year-old is alleged to have slain his 78-year-old wife, Jean Ann Salter, this past Sunday.

Advocating for Salter is Tony Rickard-Simms, his attorney, who communicated to Judge Christina Cook that his client would not vie for bail or identity concealment. However, he requested that no photographic documentation of his client occur during court proceedings. The Crown chose not to contest this particular request.

The Judge denied the media application from NZME for capturing images in the courtroom and ordered for Salter’s subsequent appearance at the High Court in Tauranga. This is scheduled for November 1st at 9:30 in the morning, during which Salter will remain in custody.

Later, Bayswater Metlifecare Retirement Village, where the couple resided, issued a statement expressing immense sorrow over the incident. The spokeswoman described the event as “extremely sad” and extended heartfelt condolences to the family members of parties involved.

Revealing Metlifecare’s subsequent steps, the spokeswoman stated, “We are providing support to our other residents and staff who knew them and have engaged Victim Support for assistance.”

Additionally, they obliged to the police’s request for information, but given the matter is now under judicial scrutiny, they confirmed their inability to provide any further details.


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