Edmonton’s Smith Crossing Pedestrian Bridge: Merging History, Aesthetics and Progress


Unveiled on Tuesday in the vibrant neighbourhood of southwest Edmonton, a dynamic pedestrian bridge, designated Smith Crossing Pedestrian Bridge, takes its proud place over the bustling 23 Avenue, replacing a historic, century-old structure.

Nestled within the tender embrace of the MacTaggart and Larch Sanctuaries, this modern marvel offers seamless access to these lush verdant retreats. Coined as a cherished destination by countless Edmontonians, the Smith Crossing bridge boasts an irresistible charm while it elegantly binds the diverse network of scenic trails that grace the peaceful banks of Whitemud Creek.

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As conveyed by Sam El Mohtar, the esteemed director of transportation infrastructure delivery, “This graceful tied arch bridge, with its slender, open design, effortlessly merges with the natural beauty of our landscape. We’ve designed it to offer not merely a passage, but a safe and enduring connection to our colourful tapestry of surrounding trails, promising countless fruitful explorations for decades to come.”

The story behind this bridge echoes the rich tapestry of Edmonton’s history. Strategically poised at the same location as its venerable predecessor, which saw its genesis in a humble 1914 construction, the new bridge proudly pays homage to the Smith family. As influential pioneers of the region, their legacy now enriches the City of Edmonton in this sublime structure once meant to bear vehicles, until 1961.

The fruition of this architectural feat was heralded in November 2022. With exceptional craftsmanship and coordinated efforts, the project reached its completion ahead of the anticipated timeline, while toeing the line on its allocated $6.3-million budget allocation.

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