Edmonton Police Seek Public’s Help to Find Armed Restaurant Robber


In the heart of Edmonton, an urgent call for assistance was dispatched on a Wednesday, as authorities endeavored to pinpoint the identity of a man linked with a restaurant robbery dating back half a year. The male suspect in question, equipped with a silver handgun, is said to have taken cash from the register, conveniently stashed alongside his takeout meal.

The event unfolded on the evening of April 11 around 8:34 p.m., lighting the ordinary landscape of 120 Avenue and 90 Street with elements of crime, according to the area’s police.

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The suspect had cunningly orchestrated to pay his meal bill in cash. As the lone female employee stationed behind the cash register reached out to retrieve the cash, she came face to face with the reality of his intention. Revealing his silver handgun, the suspect menacingly pointed it towards her while demanding access to the treasures of the cash register, recounted Cheryl Voordenhout, spokesperson for the Edmonton Police Service.

Making an immediate northbound escape on 90 Street, heading towards 122 Avenue, the suspect vanished as swiftly as he made his attack. The sting of the robbery was somewhat lessened by the absence of other patrons in the restaurant at that fateful hour, sparing further potential victims. Thankfully, no physical injuries were incurred during the incident.

The police had the benefit of the crime being caught on tape by the security cameras installed at the restaurant. Eerily silent, the visuals of the crime were released by the authorities, although no corresponding audio was available.

Throughout this police search, a multitude of investigative routes had been pursued to hold this suspect accountable, before opting for the public broadcast circulated by Voordenhout.

The law enforcement authorities have meticulously compiled a description of the man still at large. Reportedly an Indigenous man who stands approximately 5’10” tall and weighs around 230 lbs., notable features include a gold ring adorning his right hand and tattoos visible on the same hand, as well as the sides of his neck.

The public has been implored to act as the extended eyes and ears of the police force, and anyone with information that could possibly help identify him is urged to contact the police at 780-423-4567 or notify Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.