Edmonton Police Reveal $404,318 Funeral Cost for Fallen Constables in Emotional Ceremony


Earlier this year, the Edmonton Police Service held a regimental funeral for fallen comrades, Constables Travis Jordan and Brett Ryan. The somber event took place on March 27, in honour of the officers who tragically lost their lives on March 16 while responding to a domestic dispute at an Inglewood apartment building. Now, the police service has revealed a thorough cost breakdown for this poignant ceremony.

Potential risks were not enough to deter Jordan and Ryan from performing their duty, a call which ultimately led them into the lethal grip of a family feud. The ensuing chaos saw a 16-year-old resident of the apartment shooting both the constables and his mother before turning the gun on himself.

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The management of the Edmonton Police Service has declared that the overall expenditure for the funeral at Rogers Place amounted to $404,318. These expenses encompassed various aspects ranging from planning costs, which included IT Support and ticketing amongst other things and was tallied at $62,279, to family expenses which accumulated to $57,613. These costs involved flight tickets, family liaison provision, hotel accommodations, vehicle hires and more. On top of these, there were additional miscellaneous expenses such as signage and supplies which accounted for $42,120.

A noteworthy contribution was made by the Oilers Entertainment Group, who graciously waived off the rental charges for Rogers Place. The police service valued this generous act at a hefty $70,750.

The Edmonton Police Service is currently engaged in investigating the upsetting incident which caused the untimely deaths of constables Jordan and Ryan. The spokesperson has affirmed that the investigation is still underway and as of now, no further updates can be shared. The department is bent on leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of justice for their fallen comrades.