Edmonton Police Probing Old Strathcona Homicide Following Early Morning Shooting


In the early hours of a Tuesday morning at an apartment in Old Strathcona, a man’s life was abruptly extinguished. The Edmonton Police has since classified the incident involving Jason Moch as a homicide, casting a chilling pallor over the usually peaceful neighbourhood.

A comprehensive autopsy was performed on Moch, a 38-year-old man known in some circles by alternative appellations ‘Eric’ and ‘Mocha.’ Based on the examination, the Edmonton Medical Examiner arrived at the gruesome conclusion on Wednesday; he had succumbed to a gunshot wound.

This grave discovery took root following a weapons complaint at around 2 a.m. on that fateful Tuesday. Edmonton Police Service’s patrol officers promptly swarmed the apartment building located at the crossroads of 83 Avenue and 101 Street. There, amidst an unsettling silence, they found Moch in a grievously injured state.

Despite the best efforts of the summoned paramedics, Moch’s injuries proved too severe. His life was pronounced extinct directly at the scene, adding a tragic full stop to a story cut prematurely short by an act of violence. As the community grapples with this shocking loss, investigations into the circumstances surrounding Moch’s untimely death are ongoing.


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