Edmonton Firefighters Celebrate Fallen Colleagues, Coinciding with 9/11 Anniversary


Edmonton firefighters who passed away this year received tribute on Monday, coinciding with the anniversary of September 11th. A poignant ceremony took place at Firefighters Memorial Plaza, where commemorative wreaths were laid, and bells tolled in honor of both former and present Edmonton Fire Rescue Services (EFRS) members who gave their lives in the line of duty.

Esteemed city officials, including Mayor Amarjeet Sohi and EFRS Chief Joe Zatylny, alongside provincial and federal representatives, were all present to offer their respects. In his heartfelt address, Mayor Sohi acknowledged the trying times grappling the city, with an unprecedented fire season and mounting opioid crisis. He emphasized that these testing circumstances only underscore the unwavering commitment of first responders to serving those in need.

EFRS Chief Zatylny took the stage to express gratitude and remembrance for the fallen firefighters, stating, “We humbly pay our respects; we pause and remember them; we pause and we thank them.” Offering solace to the families and friends of the departed firefighters, he assured them their loved ones’ selfless service and sacrifices will always be remembered.

Among the attendees, Capt. Ryan Beniuk, a seasoned firefighter with 19 years of service, reflected on the loss of his colleagues. To him, the opportunity to remember them and continue serving in the line of duty was a privilege. He acknowledged the bond formed among the firefighting team through shared experiences, both triumphant and tragic, likening it to a tight-knit family. He further honored the departed, hailing them as part of an ever-lasting fraternity united in shared duty.

The annual memorial is specially held to coincide with the anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001, a calamitous event that claimed the lives of over 340 firefighters. The ceremony serves not only as a solitary beacon of remembrance for the departed firefighters of Edmonton but also an enduring tribute to firefighters worldwide who have perished in the line of duty.


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