Edmonton Elks Set to Kickstart the Football Season with an Aim of Filling Stands to Capacity


The Edmonton Elks soccer team is set to fill the Commonwealth Stadium stands when the 2021 season commences on Saturday. This will be the very first game that’s been played here since 2019.

Tickets will be available for purchase for full capacity this time round, and there won’t be any partition between seats nor will there be skipped seats in the stands.

Elks president and CEO, Chris Presson, announced that the stadium can accommodate up to 55,000 individuals and by Thursday, the number of tickets sold was 25,000.

That said, there are several suggestions that have been put forward to guarantee everyone’s safety. 

For one, fans have been advised to wear masks while they’re at the stadium, though it’s not compulsory. Anyone wishing to wear a mask will be able to buy one at the stadium’s gate. 

Tickets to the game are only available for purchase online. This is being done to avoid touchpoints. They’re also available for purchase digitally. 

Presson remarked that mobile ticketing is all the rage right now. He went as far as to credit this trend’s popularity in North America to the Elks.

Most fans are thrilled that they can download the tickets on their phones. But a few are still trying to figure out how the whole process works.

Any individual who leaves the stadium in the middle of the event won’t be able to go back in. Plus, there’ll be specific areas set aside for smoking. 

Presson noted that they were following safety protocols of testing the athletes on a daily basis. So far, none of them has tested positive for the virus.

Another safety precaution that’s been recommended by Commonwealth Stadium is asking fans not to carry any bags, except for those that are clear plastic or vinyl. 

Small clutches that lack handles, such as wallets, are also allowed. 

When it comes to payment, the organization has recommended credit and debit cards instead of cash. 

Furthermore, there won’t be any self-service food stations. Instead, they’ll have a system where napkins, condiments and straws are given directly to the customers purchasing food. 

There’ll also be multiple stations equipped with touchless hand sanitizers. These will be set up at different spots in the stadium. On the same note, washrooms will be outfitted with touchless sink faucets, paper towel dispensers and soap dispenser. 

In the transit sector, fans won’t have the right to park in neighborhoods located close to the stadium during game days and other events that will be held there. The only lot of people allowed to park on the streets are residents with valid permits.

The Edmonton Transit Service will be operating between the park and ride locations situated across the city heading to Commonwealth Stadium. The LRT is scheduled to run every fifteen minutes.

Fans can book a slot using either their mobile game ticket or LRT for 2 hours prior to the game, and 2 hours after the game ends.

Masks are still mandatory when riding in public transit. 


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