The Ecomuseum has been closed for about 4 months due to COVID-19 but finally reopened last Friday, June 26th. The West Island Blog went to visit the Ecomuseum to note any new rules and regulations amidst COVID-19 as well as talking to a few guests on their experience.

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We spoke with David Rodrigue, executive director of the Ecomuseum, in which he notes the biggest change to be the one-way path visitors must take while exploring the zoo. For this reason, they had to block off certain sections of the Ecomuseum including the playgrounds and the eagles. Fortunately, though, this change allowed them to create an entirely new viewing point for the eagles.

“We made sure that everybody (the animals) was there and visible and that it was safe for everyone” states David Rodrigue.

As we finally came to see the otters, a fan favourite for some, we came across a mother and daughter enjoying their time back here at the Ecomuseum.

“We’ve had memberships since she was born, so for right now, the fact that we can come somewhere where we’ve always came is a great sign that we can get back to a little bit more of normalcy”

She dually notes how impressed she is on how safe it is for the public.

Looking towards the near future on how the West Island can help the Ecomuseum, David Rodrigue states that by simply recognizing what the museum does for education and conservation, it helps to first talk to people about these initiatives and of course, he encourages everyone to come pay a visit.

During the zoo’s closure, David gives thanks to the community who have directly supported the Ecomuseum and all its precious animals through donations amounting to close to 100 000$.

“It’s touching as a sign of how people think this is important and what we do at the Ecomuseum is important”