Eco friendly Celebrity cruises


Eco friendly Celebrity cruises are going really green. From composting to bamboo disposable dishes this cruise line takes green seriously.  I was very impressed when I saw everything from composting to onboard apps that didn’t use paper.  This was a good choice for what can be considered a not so green way to vacation.

With an increasing awareness surrounding the environment, sustainability at sea continues to be a top travel trend. From energy efficient cabins and abolishing single-use plastics to revamped carbon emission policies, the movement to make cruising eco-friendlier is stronger than ever. Celebrity cruises do not disappoint.

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Celebrity Cruise green initiative

Green cruises? Sounds like an oxymoron, right? When it comes to carbon emissions, these floating monstrosities can pack a punch greater than an airplane. Yikes. Surfrider reports that a typical cruise ship with 3,000 passengers generates 1 million gallons of gray water; 210,000 gallons of sewage; 25,000 gallons of oily bilge water; 100 gallons of hazardous or toxic waste; 50 tons of garbage and solid waste; and diesel exhaust emissions equal to thousands of cars on the road. But whether it’s a spring break getaway or a trip with the family, even your favorite love boats are going green these days. New government regulations set the benchmark for cleaner burning fuels, and many lines are spending thousands to millions of dollars upgrading fleets, saving money on fuel and energy costs over the long term. Here are seven green cruises that are doing their part to to keep our oceans clean.Just remember, whether you choose one of these cruises or find your own, there are things you personally can do to reduce your carbon footprint, such as taking public transit to port, turning lights out while not in your room and not wasting food as you graze through their mile-long buffets. Anchors Away.

A solar powered cruise line? How could we not include a ship that has 216 solar panels onboard to power the elevators or the 7,000 LED lights? Onboard the Solstice, Celebrity Cruises updated the lights, saving 50% on energy demands and the solar panels did the rest. Then to improve efficiency and save on fuel, the boat is designed to be as aerodynamic as possible. Passengers aboard the Solstice are treated to a 7-night Caribbean cruise, a 10-night Mediterranean cruise or a 14 day transatlantic cruise, complete with a glass-blowing class.Celebrity Cruise green initiative

Just like many of the other ships, the Solstice includes a water filtration system to return all black water and waste water to near pristine conditions before it is dumped back into the ocean. They also installed heat-transfer windows to cut down on cooling needs and to allow in more natural light, which cuts down on electricity needs. While the solar panels provide a very tiny portion of electricity needs, they are a step in the right direction–it’s good to see new technologies incorporated into new applications.

As for eliminating waste materials, aluminum and tin are recycled, and glass is crushed before it is offloaded on shore. Other materials like batteries and light-bulbs are collected, but unfortunately all other materials are incinerated on the boat. Engine oil is separated and cleaned to ensure it does not end up in the water and is also left when the boat docks at port cities. The ship also has an actual grass lawn on the upper-deck, which seems strange for a featured attraction but it seems those land lubbers need constant reminders of terra firma.