Eat Right for Your Body Type and Transform Your Health


by Sue-Anne Hickey

The most positive health change I’ve made in my life has been to learn to eat in a way that suits my body type. My strength and energy increased, my sweet cravings went away, the eczema I had had on my hands for 20 years cleared up, and my complexion took on a healthy glow. I went from experiencing energy ‘crashes’ in the afternoons to having full energy all day, every day.

The lesson I learned is one I pass on to each client who comes to see me for health issues or  weight loss: one-plan-fits-all never works for dieting. Each person has a different metabolism, cravings, energy level, and we all gain weight in different places.

We are all different because, generally, there are four different body types and each type corresponds with a certain gland. Being one particular body type doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with your glands. It just means one gland is working harder and the others are trying to catch up. When you rectify this imbalance, you experience positive health changes. Each of the types has a specific plan with certain foods to increase or avoid, and amounts of food that are best at certain times of the day. If you have cravings for sweets  or hypoglycemia, the plan is modified to rectify these problems first. The four body types include:

The Adrenal Type — Warm and jovial, adrenal-type people usually help everyone out. You may be an adrenal-type if you are the life of the party, have lots of energy and are very hard working. You tend to be big-boned, stocky and strong. When you gain weight, it tends to be in the upper body and abdomen. Adrenal-type health problems tend to include high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, high cholesterol, and blocked arteries.

Adrenal-type people take a while to get going in the morning. Therefore your ideal eating plan follows your metabolism with a small, light breakfast, followed by a light lunch and then a dinner that serves as the main meal of the day. Your metabolism is highest in the evening therefore you’ll be more successful at burning calories if you take it easy on the eating during the day.

The Gonad Type — Women-only are gonad types. You are likely a gonad-type if you have a strong maternal instinct and are known for your warmth and love. You tend to be pear-shaped and gain weight on the sides of the upper thighs and the bum. Gonad-type health problems relate to the breasts, reproductive organs and the lymphatic system.

The gonad type fares well with a very light breakfast, even just a small fruit. Lunch is light: vegetarian-type fare. Dinner is the main meal of the day and best when eaten early.

The Thyroid Type — Vivacious, intelligent, and entrepreneurial, thyroid-type people have ups and downs during the day, which have a strong influence on their moods. You are likely a thyroid type if you are tall, thin, with long arms and legs. If you gain weight, it tends to be around the middle of your body. Thyroid-types are prone to ailments involving the nervous and digestive systems. Thyroid types do well with a big breakfast that is high in protein. They need three full meals with a complete protein at each meal and protein snacks in between meals

The Pituitary Type — Quiet thinkers, pituitary-types often have superior intellectual capabilities and tend to live inside their heads. You are likely a pituitary-type if you look younger than your age with soft, smooth skin. You tend to gain weight all over your body. Pituitary-types tend to have much insecurity and are prone allergies, colds, sinusitis, bronchitis, and other health irritations involving excess mucus. Pituitary types fare well with a large breakfast, medium sized lunch and a small dinner.  If you are a pituitary-type, it is best if you avoid dairy foods.

By eating right for your body type, you work with your metabolism and nourish your body with the right kinds of food at the right time. The results are nothing short of spectacular. You’ll find your appetite is kept in check and weight loss happens easily. You’ll also experience an overall sense of wellbeing, increased energy and balance.

Sue-Anne Hickey is a certified naturopath, weight loss specialist and yoga teacher. She has her office at Evolution Psychology Center in Lachine. Visit her online at or call her at 514-577-1963. She lives in Beaconsfield.


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