East Wiltshire Schools Hires Consultant To Review Homophobia Complaints


One of the P.E.I schools has engaged an inclusion and diversity expert to look into claims of homophobia at one of the events held Thursday at the East Wiltshire School, Cornwall.

The director of the PSB, Norbert Carpenter, stated that the expert will work with them to offer recommendations for Wiltshire and the rest of the system.

During the pride event, some learners were allegedly bullied and harassed.

On Monday morning, Carpenter and the school’s staff met. He noted that his staff intervened at the Pride event, but the culprits were punished once the administration was informed.

Carpenter noted that it was likely that some students may have to be punished further after they complete their review. He added that learners should never have to endure bullying of any kind, and they work to guarantee that the school remains a positive environment where children can thrive.

He added that kids aged between 12 and 15 years, they need to be educated. Carpenter noted students tend to make mistakes, it’s given, but he has a job to do and help them thrive, do better and be a little more accommodating.

He did not say how long this review would last. But, he said that staff and students at the East Wiltshire school are happy with their school.


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