Early Sunday Blaze Ravages Three Calgary Homes, Injures One


In the early hours of Sunday, a severe fire erupted in Northwest Calgary, leading to a comprehensive investigation. The two-alarm blaze left three residences severely damaged, the brunt of which fell upon one property.

At approximately 1:50 a.m., emergency services received multiple calls about a sudden fire consuming homes on the 100 block of Evansbrooke Way N.W. Upon their arrival, the intensity and spread of the conflagration were visibly evident from afar, compelling the teams to escalate the situation to a second alarm. This urgent measure was deemed necessary due to the substantial volume of fire and the looming threat it posed to the neighbouring houses on either side of the initial source.

At the zenith of this calamity, the scene teemed with 41 valiant firefighters and 17 fire apparatus, working relentlessly to quell the consuming flames. The damage inflicted was significant, particularly to one home which sustained extensive harm. A second home suffered considerable damage, while a third sustained minor exterior scarring.

Eleven individuals and three dogs were swiftly and safely evacuated from the affected homes with the help of fire crews. However, one civilian incurred second-degree burns during the harrowing process of evacuation and was promptly transported for medical care by emergency medical services.

Even after extinguishing the fire, crews remained diligent on the scene alongside investigators. Ensuring no residual flames or lurking hot spots could escalate into a renewed firestorm stood paramount. Consequently, every corner was checked thoroughly, confirming the complete extinction of the fire.


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