Early Bird Tickets Released as June’s 50/50 Lottery Winner Takes Home $409,585 Jackpot


Tickets for the early bird draw in July are already up for grabs as excitement mounts over the news of a woman from Elliot Lake who recently won the Health Sciences North (HSN) Foundation’s monthly 50/50 draw for June.

Suzanne Alemany was the lucky winner of the June draw, bagging a hefty jackpot prize of $409,585. At home, it was her husband, Brian who received the joyous call revealing the life-changing news about Suzanne’s windfall.

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Suzanne was not home at the time, running errands at the local grocery store. Brian requested a callback so they could share the good news upon his wife’s return. The couple’s excitement was palpable, underlined by a playful comment from Brian, as shared in a press release from the HSN Foundation. “Suzanne is definitely the lucky one, that’s why her name is on the ticket and not mine,” he quipped.

Suzanne recounted her blend of surprise and elation upon hearing the news. “Brian told me I had to come home because there was a call I had to take,” she said. “I had no idea what to expect. When I heard that we won the June grand prize, I was just so excited. I never expected to win and have no idea what we will spend that kind of money on, but it was such an incredible feeling.”

The monthly draw by the HSN Foundation carries a dual purpose, supporting local healthcare initiatives while providing a thrilling lottery to residents. Half of each month’s ticket sales go toward equipment purchases, funding advanced research, and supporting the future health care needs of Northeastern Ontarians. The rest of the revenue is rewarded as a grand prize to one fortunate winner.

Residents of Ontario aged 18 and above can take part in this pursuit of wealth and charity. Tickets for the June draw are currently available for purchase until 11:59 p.m. on July 31. The next stroke of fortune will be drawn at 10 a.m on August 1, with the results being posted on hsn5050.ca.

This lottery challenges the adage that ‘one cannot have the best of both worlds’. Participants stand to win a hefty sum while contributing to the health and well-being of their community. A win in every sense of the word, the HSN Foundation’s 50/50 draws are testimony to the power of giving while also reaping rewards.

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