Eagle Feather News Editor, Publisher Moving On After 24 Years


After 24 years at the helm, John Lagimodiere is resigning his role as the editor and publisher of Eagle Feather News, the Sask.-based Indigenous newspaper.

As per the newspaper’s webpage, it is the most widely circulated Indigenous newspaper in the region, at around 120,000 copies per year.

Lagimodiere said that when he was handed the reins, he was not sure what he was supposed to do. He had never planned to be an editor or publisher of a newspaper.

Since then, the paper has aimed to focus on untold stories that bring light to community beyond the surface.

“The trauma and tragedy and the harder stories, the mainstream media covers that all the time.… and that was a skewed perspective of the community,” he told Heather Morrison on CBC’s Saskatoon Morning.

How it began

Lagimodiere said he was initially hired to help sell advertisements for the newspaper, which was in transition.

The team “flukily” came up with the name Eagle Feather News since one individual had the feather embroidered on their jacket, he said.

The business met some difficult times and at the end of it, Lagimodiere said he was running the paper and the 6 staff that were on board.

That was many decades ago.

“Honestly, I’m out of ideas. I’ve lost the energy and part of making it work is that passion and fire and commitment and I don’t think I’m doing it a good service that way,” he said.

“Personally and professionally it’s time to put that aside and let someone else lift it up and focus on my other things while still making sure that whatever we did can continue for the next [generation].”

Lagimodiere said he is going to turn his attention to another project, which involves teaching Indigenous awareness seminars, and additionally support community from a different perspective.

He intends to step down at the end of December.

“The news never stops, it never stops. So, I never had that opportunity to just stop. In 2022, we’re going to stop.”


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