EA Sports Reveals College Football 25 Cover Stars and Release Date


In an announcement that has football enthusiasts buzzing with anticipation, EA Sports unveiled on Thursday the release date and cover design of their long-awaited video game, College Football 25. Astonishingly, the cover shines the spotlight on Michigan’s running back Donovan Edwards, Texas’s quarterback Quinn Ewers, and two-way player from Colorado, Travis Hunter.

Expected to hit the global gaming market on July 19, the game will be compatible with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X’s. This highly-anticipated announcement comes in the aftermath of last week’s accidental leak of the deluxe edition’s cover photo.

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The selection of Edwards, Ewers, and Hunter is a significant departure from the game franchise’s tradition. It’s the first time active players have been featured on the cover of this admired game. In an assertion that highlights their passion for the sport, the trio stated that they accepted the offer not for the money or name recognition, but for the sheer honor of it all.

Quinn Ewers, in a video call with reporters, expressed his heartfelt excitement saying, “Just being on the cover itself is plenty enough for me and I’m not even worried about the NIL aspect.”

Embarking on an exciting new phase in gaming history, College Football 25 marks EA Sports’ first college football game launch in over a decade. The game stirs up a sense of nostalgia and immense pride for Edwards, who fondly reminisces about playing EA Sports college football games as a child, calling his appearance on the cover “an awesome feeling.”

In 2022, Edwards stormed onto the football scene, rushing for 216 yards and scoring two touchdowns in a monumental victory over Ohio State. With just six carries, he secured 104 yards and two touchdowns in Michigan’s national championship triumph over Washington.

On the other hand, Ewers led Texas to a season-opening win over Alabama and a subsequent College Football Playoff appearance during the school’s final season in the Big 12. Despite losing to Washington in the semifinals, Ewers and Texas will embark on a challenging journey in the Southeastern Conference alongside their rivals, Oklahoma.

Travis Hunter, the talented cornerback and wide receiver, has been a sensation since he decided to join Jackson State under coach Deion Sanders’s mentorship in 2021. Hunter later followed Sanders to Colorado in 2022, and now the young athlete is humbled to represent the state as a cover star.

The game will include representation from all 134 Football Bowl Subdivision schools. In a gesture of goodwill and respect for the athletes, EA Sports has offered each FBS player a token of $600, alongside a copy of the game, to use their likeness in it. Some players have even been offered NIL deals to promote the game as part of an ambassador program.

More than 11,000 players have welcomed the opportunity with open arms.

Ending an almost decade-long hiatus, College Football 25 is the first version of EA Sports’ college football franchise to be released since 2013. Earlier, production was halted due to allegations of using players’ likeness without remuneration. The reconception became possible after the NCAA’s 2021 resolution allowing players to profit from their brand. The game’s revival marks an exciting progression in the evolving relationship between sports, gaming, and athletes’ rights.