E.coli Outbreak Shuts Down Daycares and Schools Across Calgary


In a development that has caused considerable concern, an E.coli outbreak has been declared at six Calgary daycares and five additional sites sharing a centralized kitchen by the Alberta Health Services (AHS). The Fueling Brains daycare branches located in Braeside, Bridgeland, Centennial, McKnight, New Brighton, and West 85th have received closure orders. Similarly, Braineer Academy, Kidz Space, Little Oak Early Education, Almond Branch School and Vik Academy in Okotoks have also been directed to stay closed until the problem is thoroughly addressed.

According to AHS, the outbreak has resulted in 17 lab-confirmed cases, leading to the hospitalization of 12 individuals. Worryingly, as many as 50 children have required hospital visits as a direct result of the outbreak. The families of children attending the named locations are set to receive letters alerting them to the development.

E.coli infection is primarily characterized by diarrhea, which could potentially contain blood. Exhibitors of the infection may also experience stomach cramping and in certain cases, nausea and vomiting. These symptoms usually make themselves known one to ten days post the consumption of food contaminated by the bacteria.

In response to the outbreak, individuals displaying symptoms or expressing concern have been advised to get in touch by dialling 8-1-1. If children begin manifesting symptoms, it is recommended to promptly seek medical attention at an urgent care clinic, emergency department or from a family doctor.


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