DWF Labs’ $10M Boost Sends Floki Inu to Record Highs


In a strategic move that underscores the growing interest in cryptocurrency assets, DWF Labs, a prominent digital asset market maker investment firm, has announced an ambitious plan to invest $10 million in the Floki Inu memecoin. This bold initiative has dramatically boosted the memecoin’s price, setting a robust 9-month record by peaking at $0.00005097.

This acquisition of FLOKI tokens, as per the terms agreed upon, will take place directly from the Floki treasury over a two-year span. It underscores DWF Labs’ vested commitment to nurturing the Floki Inu ecosystem. The firm’s move is fueled by their anticipation of an imminent “explosive” bull run in the realm of cryptocurrencies and is designed to harness the potential of FLOKI’s utilitarian offerings and its strong marketing presence.

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Building on an existing relationship that was first established in May 2023 with a $5 million investment, DWF Labs has since been instrumental in facilitating the broader adoption of FLOKI. This partnership has seen DWF Labs engage in activities ranging from securing key exchange listings to fostering vital industry connections, all while being a vocal advocate for the token’s strides and achievements within the space. In their announcement, DWF Labs confidently declared that this substantial token purchase will fortify the alliance with Floki Inu and strategically prime FLOKI for a commanding presence in a saturated market during the anticipated bull run.

In parallel, Floki Inu has been witnessing a surge in visibility, particularly on the Chinese front. Through a strategic market collaboration announced the previous year, Floki grabbed the spotlight on national sports TV channels CCTV5 and CCTV5+ during telecasts of the ITTF World Team Table Tennis Championships Finals hosted in Busan, 2024. This mainstream exposure has introduced the cryptocurrency brand, alongside its associate asset TokenFi (TOKEN), to over 340 million potential Chinese followers, marking a significant inroad into one of the largest markets globally. The Floki Inu team celebrated this achievement, given the rarity of cryptocurrencies gaining such mainstream media attention.

Simultaneously, Floki Inu’s DeFi offering, the FlokiFi Locker, soared to impressive heights with its Total Value Locked (TVL) cresting at an unprecedented $111 million. This milestone accentuates the traction of Floki’s utility products among users. Moreover, the team relayed the notable fact that a quarter of FLOKI’s total supply, amounting to $105,313,899, has now been staked and locked for periods extending up to four years. Such developments propel Floki Inu to a vantage point of distinction, with a more significant percentage of its supply staked compared to other heavyweight memecoins.

Maintaining its buoyancy in the digital market, the dog-themed memecoin is presently trading at $0.00004080, retaining a robust 32% uptick over the last 24 hours. This has resulted in the memecoin’s market capitalization surging near the $500 million mark, currently standing at $475 million. A parallel uptick has been noted in the token’s trading volume, transcending the $204 million threshold in the span of a day.