Duo Completes 26-Casino Arizona Blitz in 48 Hours


Embarking on a quixotic journey worthy of Hunter S. Thompson, the enigmatic social media raconteur known to the digital world as “Clue Heywood” teamed up with author and journalist Tom Zoellner for an unorthodox expedition across Arizona’s rugged landscape. Their elusive quest? To press their luck at every one of the state’s 26 tribal casinos within a whirlwind span of 48 hours.

Commencing this adrenaline-fueled gamble at We-Ko-Pa Casino in Ft. McDowell, Heywood and Zoellner wagered their way through the state, concluding their escapade at the Desert Diamond West Valley in Glendale. Clocking over 1,600 miles and chancing sleep deprivation with a mere five hours of rest, the duo accomplished their haphazard challenge with mere minutes to spare.

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What drove this audacious adventure? Even Heywood and Zoellner seemed puzzled over the purpose of their mission, though the feeling of triumph was undeniable in Heywood’s post-journey reflection.

Known for satirical commentary on his native Arizona and amusing critiques of upscale stationary bikes, Heywood’s latest exploit caught wind under the guise of a Twitter joke gone uncharacteristically real. Setting clear rules – a wager placed at each establishment, sustenance sourced exclusively from the casino eateries, sleep only within casino lodging, and a strict no drinking and driving policy – the jest transformed into a tangible quest.

What was harvested from this trek? Insights ranged from Heywood’s endorsement of Twin Arrows Navajo Casino’s understated elegance to a glowing review of a Desert Diamond Casino beef burrito. Conversely, the title of ‘worst casino’, which Heywood anonymized despite the sleuthing of online followers, was immortalized by a disheveled ambiance, dilapidated vehicles, and the absurdity of vacuuming during peak hours.

The voyage was not without its tribulations, from soul-crushing moments to the surreal experience of being unable to collect winnings due to a cyberattack’s aftermath at Casino of the Sun. Nevertheless, fortune smiled on Heywood at the Yavapai Casino in Prescott where a jackpot turned the tide, culminating in a triumph not just for Heywood but for children’s charities benefiting from nearly $1,500 of gamblers’ goodwill.

Yet, steeped in the aftermath of a casino marathon, Heywood could hardly entertain the notion of a swift return to any gaming hall, humorously equating his casino saturation to a smoker’s overindulgence enforced by a stern parent.

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