Dubai Millionaire’s Wife Faces Backlash for $3M Weeklong Spending Spree


The flashy exploits of Linda Andrade, a 23-year-old spouse of a wealthy businessman from Dubai have caused an uproar on the internet. Andrade, who recently admitted to squandering over $3 million in a mere week, has drawn both bewilderment and ire in equal measure.

Lavishing more than half a million on high-end fashion labels, another $330,948 on gold, and forking out an extravagant $11,914 for chocolates, Andrade’s spending spurt caught many by surprise. The young lady confidently touted her extravagant spending habits on TikTok. Viewers, astounded by what they dubbed as her “excessive” and “over the top” spending, made their voices heard online.

Positioning herself as the “Original Dubai Housewife,” Andrade revealed that her expenditure was a direct reflection of her lifestyle as the wife of a millionaire. Breaking down her numerous acquisitions, she claimed to have received a remittance – a staggering $2,334,851, no less – which she promptly invested in a matching diamond bracelet and ring set.

Expensive handbags from Chanel marked her next splurge, which set her back by about $589,087. In a roller-coaster of opulent spending, Andrade stated that she was then handed $378,935 in cash by her affluent husband, promptly spent it on gourmet dining and cocktails.

Among the wide spectrum of purchases, the $11,914 price tag on a selection of luxury chocolates stood out in particular. While these high-end indulgences dominated the headlines, the acquisitions were far from over. Andrade’s husband generously presented her with an additional cache of gold jewellery, valued at roughly $332,934.

The jaw-dropping expenditure, over a mere seven-day period, led to several netizens questioning the veracity of Andrade’s claims. Comments ranged from astounded exclamations to those expressing frustration with such conspicuous consumption, especially during a time when many are grappling with financial hardships.

Cries for her to aid those less fortunate were rampant, with one user even questioning if she spared a thought for the lower-wage earners in Dubai. Several people decried the disproportionate spending as both “gross” and “disgusting,” while others branded Andrade as a mere “gold-digger.”

Previous online backlash seems to have done little to dampen Andrade’s enthusiasm for flaunting her luxe lifestyle on social media. A recent post featured a pricy $12,411 dinner event, along with her extravagant demands of her millionaire husband, which included a fresh Chanel handbag each day and weekly spa visits.


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