Drug Overdose Nightmare Shakes Downtown Montreal: Four Hospitalized, One in Critical Condition


In the heart of downtown Montreal, a tragic event unfolded on Sunday afternoon. Four individuals were rapidly transported to a local hospital due to a presumed drug overdose. The critical incident transpired on Saint-Dominique Street, in close proximity to Ontario Street East, with a distress call to emergency services registered at approximately 4:10 p.m.

In the aftermath, two victims were recorded as being in critical condition upon arrival at the medical institution. It has since then been relayed that one of these individuals has entered a stable state. Yet, a 42-year-old woman continues the battle for her life, still in critical condition as of Sunday evening, as revealed by law enforcement.

The precise substance at the root of these overdoses remains unknown at this juncture. Proceeding with caution and intense scrutiny, police officers are delving into this distressing matter further, examining a case of ‘intoxication from an unidentified substance’. This information was shared by the spokesperson of the local police department, Jeanne Drouin, adding another layer of grievous uncertainty to the calamitous incident.


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