DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports Customers to Benefit from Domino’s Curbside Pizza Delivery Free to Play Game


Domino and DraftKings have entered an accord to try a new free-to-play game. The two companies are teaming up to allow DraftKings daily fantasy sports (DFS) customers to benefit from curbside pizza delivery.

Customers will be given a chance to predict if Domino Carside Delivery will be quicker than two minutes. Customers will have a chance of winning $200,000 with deposit upfront cash. The promotion is running until 12th July.

Due to the competition in the sports wagering industry, DraftKings is using all means to attract customers. That includes entering into the gift card space, teaming up with Boost Mobile to allow the bettor to fund their account from the carrier’s brick and mortar stores.

Other firms such as BetMGM and Buffalo Wild Wings have partnered with restaurant operators to bring sports betting options to guests. That included free football games, picks props, enhanced odds on BETMGM legal app.

DraftKings over/under the partnership with Domino is seeking to convert DFS customers to its mobile sports betting platform. The company has proven its ability to adapt.

DraftKings and FanDuel are today the largest mobile sportsbook operators in the US. The two firms combined have about 62 percent of the market share. DraftKings wants to turn DFS customers into sports bettors.

DraftKings partnering with Domino may be an advantageous and cost-effective way to acquire customers. High-cost customer acquisition costs always lengthen a company’s timeline to profitability.


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