Dozens of Canadian Women Leaders in FinTech and Blockchain to Celebrated in an Event More than a Party


On 1st June, several leading Canadian women in FinTech and Blockchain industry would be celebrated in an event that will be more than a party. Fawn Annan, the celebration co-chair, and ITWC CEO said that it would be a showcase that features stories of 12 women leading the next generation of women in fintech.

Annan added that the presentation would feature industry leaders exploring the fascinating possibilities for blockchain to change the world. The women were selected by a judging panel consisting of industry experts. They boast of success in education, entrepreneurship and are capable of leading blockchain think tanks.

The first think tank panel will be awarded 90 minutes to advise how to start a FinTech culture. The panel will be moderated by Emma Too, CEO of MMH Blockchain Group.
The second panel will lead the sector in a lively discussion o the opportunities and challenges companies experience when adopting blockchain. The panel will be moderated by Karsten Anend, the event co-chair.

City of Toronto CFO, Heather Taylor will explain a blockchain initiative that is time and money-saving and can be adopted by municipalities across the country. Sarah Paquet, the CEO of Canada’s national financial intelligence agency, will speak about the federal government can find a balance between innovation and fraulante.

CIO Strategy Council VP, Katie Gibson, will brief on how open banking regulations can help shape the community. The event is sponsored by Okta and Proofpoint and supported by Canadian Blockchain Association for Women among other fintech organizations.


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