Double Stabbing in Sooke Prompts Urgent Manhunt, Suspect Apprehended


In a severe occurrence that unfolded on Saturday evening, two men were rushed to hospital following a stabbing incident in Sooke, resulting in severe injuries. The Mounties, who expressed significant concern over the incident, provided further details about the unfortunate event.

The Sooke RCMP, which responded rapidly to the emergency, traced the incident back to the 6600 block of Sooke Road that had transformed into a crime scene slightly after 6 p.m. Filled with tension and despair, both common citizens and police officers swiftly came to the aid of the victims, administering essential first aid. The stabilized victims were then handed off to arriving paramedics who ensured their immediate transportation to the hospital, as per reports from the RCMP.

The ongoing investigation shed light on what appears to have been a group dispute that escalated drastically, culminating in the brutal stabbing of the victims. The events and circumstances that contributed to sparking such an argument are now under intense scrutiny and detailed analysis.

In their relentless pursuit of truth and justice, Sooke RCMP officers were able to locate a 21-year-old suspect in proximity to the crime scene, who has since been apprehended. Amid the echo of fear and shock that the stabbing left, the police reassured the public by confirming the incident to be a sole occurrence, believing there to be no further impending danger to the community.

The authorities are seeking assistance from anyone with potential knowledge or information about the incident, urging them to directly contact the Sooke RCMP at 250-642-5241. A single piece of information could prove to be crucial in ultimately unravelling this case.


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