Double Homicide Unfolds on Montreal’s South Shore, Family Member’s Mental Health under Scrutiny


In the quiet neighborhood of Montreal’s South Shore, unfathomable tragedy struck, as authorities initiated a double homicide investigation on Wednesday evening. The unsettling discovery of two lifeless bodies inside an apartment marked the commencement of this macabre tale. The victims, one woman in her eighth decade of life and another in her sixth, had their ends initially treated as merely suspicious occurrences.

The delicate threads of the investigation are currently being unraveled meticulously by a cadre of seasoned homicide detectives. The authorities’ spokesperson, Mélanie Mercille, broke the news that an individual of notable interest is set for a conversational rendezvous with the investigators later in the evening.

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The grim tale was incepted by an ominous 911 call just before noon on Wednesday, leading police officers directly to the apartment located on des Ormeaux Boulevard in Longueuil. “Our officers instantly confirmed the somber reality of both victims’ demise,” shared another police spokesperson, François Boucher.

Simultaneously, the police felt their attention drawn towards a man, presumably linked to the victims. Hospitalized due to severe shock, this individual is set to fall under the spotlight of police interrogation in the ensuing hours.

Among the whispers of the local community, the heartrending story of the victims being mother and daughter emerged. Various accounts from residents recounted frequent bouts of heightened emotional distress echoing from the apartment. They also revealed that the hospitalised man, a thirty-something-year-old in precarious mental health, shared a familial bloodline with the victims.

The local law enforcement call upon anyone possessing invaluable information about the incident. They urge expeditious contact via 911, in the hope of illuminating dark corners of this dreadful incident, and eventually leading justice to its true destination.