Dorset Police Launch Water Scooters to Curb Anti-Social Behaviour


In an inspired response to growing local unrest, police officers of Dorset are introducing the use of water scooters to combat increasing anti-social behaviour. The decision follows a string of grievances from residents and tourists alike who allege that certain individuals brazenly flout restrictions, recklessly driving in swim-only zones and exceeding speed regulations on rivers.

The strategic employment of these aquatic vessels is set to empower police to ramp up patrols significantly. They will be able to extend their reach along close to 100 miles of the county’s picturesque coastline and deep into the scenic inland waterways.

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Sergeant Ryan Prater, a key member of the Marine Force Support Group, lamented the misuse of Jet Skis as a key cause for concern. He highlighted its resulting peril, notably the threat it poses to other water users, “Regrettably, the trend of Jet Skis being operated irresponsibly is on the rise, inadvertently creating hazardous conditions for fellow water enthusiasts.”