DoorDash Takes Stand Against Dangerous Delivery Drivers Nationwide


On a recent Tuesday, DoorDash announced with firm resolve that they are bolstering their endeavors to identify and expel hazardous delivery drivers from their platform. This decision comes in light of a deluge of complaints originating from various cities across the United States.

Last month, government officials from Boston drafted a letter to DoorDash alongside other food delivery companies, highlighting an alarming rise in the illicit and perilous operation of motorcycles, mopeds, and motorized scooters by delivery workers. These riders have been found to openly flout traffic rules, from running red lights to speeding on sidewalks and zipping recklessly along one-way streets in the wrong direction.

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In response to these pressing concerns, DoorDash, originating from San Francisco, has taken steps to better assist law enforcement agencies. A dedicated liaison has been appointed for direct communication with the Boston Police Department, thus expediting any requests for drivers’ records. Further, DoorDash stated that it would consider removing drivers from its platform if they’re reported by the police for breaking traffic laws.

While the initiative to ensure safer streets takes off in Boston, DoorDash intends to extend its efforts to other cities that might be dealing with similar issues. The company also plans to partner with Boston and other cities to disseminate guidance on vehicle registration requirements in multiple languages. There will be special emphasis on warning delivery workers about actions contravening local laws, such as driving on sidewalks.

Committing to its new enforcement policy, DoorDash revealed, “We will remind Dashers that failing to comply with local laws or our standards could lead to removal from our platform.”

Boston, New York, and other cities have extensively reported that unregistered vehicles are often the preferred choice of transport for deliveries. Some delivery personnel have even been found to share accounts, resulting in individuals with multiple traffic violations operating vehicles registered to someone else.

To underscore the gravity of the situation, New York City authorities reported confiscating as many as 13,000 scooters and mopeds this year alone. These vehicles were either unregistered or used in traffic violations.

New York City Mayor, Eric Adams, remarked at an event last month where 200 motorized two-wheeled delivery vehicles were destroyed, “Riders who think the rules don’t apply to them, they’re going to see an aggressive enforcement policy that’s in place.”

Amid the growing concerns, DoorDash announced an identity check mechanism where drivers will be required to submit a real-time selfie during deliveries. This photograph will be cross-verified with previously submitted government identification to ensure the rider’s identity. DoorDash plans to eliminate drivers from its platform who fail to confirm their identities.

However, DoorDash remained tight-lipped when asked about the number of drivers they usually offboard annually due to traffic law violations.

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