Don’t Let IDNS Take Your Domain Away


Online Identity theft is a serious crime, every day we hear horror stories how people lose their identity and how hard it is to recover from this situation. As you may know, there are viruses and applications that can penetrate your personal electronic devices as they stream out your identity information in order to process credit applications on your behalf.

Now, imagine someone is holding on to your company’s domain name. We call it “Online Domain Theft”.

A company called IDNS (Internet Domain Name Services) is taking possession of domains for years.

Their tactic is brilliant:

  • They send you a letter with your name and the domain names you own
  • They send you a three year fee projection that are 3 times higher than what you usually would pay
  • They know when your domain is up for renewal
  • They have a Canadian icon in their logo pretending to be a Canadian company even though they operate from the US.

How did they get this information? It is very simple.  Go to Who.Is and type into the search bar any domain name you know and you will see all the information that is available for public viewing. If you did not register your domain as private – your name and address shows up right there.

So, what happens next?

Well, if you were scammed by these con artists and actually sent your payment information with your signature of acceptance to renew your domain with them, they now have a legal confirmation from you to transfer your domain to their possession.

This translates to the following:

  • You now are paying $40 per year instead of $10
  • You now have no rights for your own domain
  • You may have to pay to reverse the transaction, to regain your ownership, if possible

To summarise, please do what I do when you get an IDNS letter by mail – Throw it away and make sure your domain account has not been compromise by simply visiting your account and making sure it is set to auto renew.


Good luck



If you have any questions or would like more information on certain aspects, let us know in the comments and we will be sure to write about it, stay tuned for new content!

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