Donatella Versace Takes Aim at Italian Government Over Discriminatory LGBTQ+ Policies


In an impassioned speech, renowned fashion designer, Donatella Versace, voiced her vehement disapproval of the repressive policies of the Italian government, which she perceives to be discriminative against the LGBTQ+ community.

During an award ceremony where she was recognized for her humanitarian work, Versace cited a particular government mandate that allows only the biological parent in same-sex couples to be granted official parental rights. “Our government aims to restrain the freedoms of people and dictate how they should live,” she expressed, drawing from the audience a standing ovation.

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“Our fight for freedom persists, especially during troubling times when trans individuals face horrifying acts of violence, children of same-sex couples are denied recognition, and laws threaten the voices of minority communities,” Versace declared to the rapt audience in La Scala.

Her explicit criticism of the government’s actions drew praise from gay rights activists, who encouraged other influential celebrities, particularly within the fashion industry, to act likewise. Franco Grillini, a well-established gay rights activist heaped praises on Versace, beckoning others to echo her advocacy for equality.

Among the government’s controversial policies are a proposed law, which would prohibit the use of surrogates abroad, punishable by imprisonment and hefty fines, and a regulation that denies recognition of children from same-sex couples.

Versace’s brave stand was also applauded by Italy’s Gay Party, who urged her to support their campaign seeking a referendum on gay marriage. Fabrizio Marrazzo, spokesman for the Gay Party, stated, “Donatella Versace has articulated the government’s covert homophobia succinctly. We appeal to her to join our fight for marriage equality.”

The planned signature collection to support this campaign would kick off in January, prompted by the government’s reluctance to grant equality rights to LGBTQ+ Italians. Same-sex civil unions were sanctioned in Italy in 2016, making it the last major Western nation to do so.

At the awards event was Alessandro Zan, the lawmaker who advanced legislation to widen anti-discrimination protections for the LGBTQ+ community, a law which mysteriously stalled even before the present government came into power.

Versace, in an emotional part of her speech, also reminisced about the moment her brother Gianni opened up about his sexuality. “When my brother came out to me at the age of 11, it changed nothing in our relationship. I loved him regardless of who he loved,” she shared.

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