Which Dogs Are Not Allowed on Planes and Why?


by Sarah Jones


Many people fly with their dogs. The dogs are usually small breeds that can fit under an airline seat, and that has a bag that meets airline requirements and restrictions. Chihuahuas, for instance, are allowed in many cabin areas and do not have breed restrictions.  Some breeds are not authorised to fly on individual airlines. United Airlines has a list of dogs it has added, and American Airlines, as well as many others, forbid certain breeds from flying. Airlines also restrict dogs travelling in certain temperatures.  For example, American Airlines prohibits pets in weather above 85 degrees or beneath 45.


Each airline has its restrictions regarding pets, breeds, and sizes. Flying can be stressful and arduous with a pet, and good care from their owner is key when considering flying. These breeds are not allowed on planes. Check your airline to see if your pet is allowed.


Pets restricted from various airlines include:


  1. “snub-nosed” dogs- issues with breathing occur in-flight which amplifies repository stress and conditions. (American Airlines)
  2. Bulldogs (American Airlines) due to breathing issues
  3. Mastiff (American Airlines) due to size and stress of the animal accompanied by breathing problems in-flight
  4. Pit Bull Terriers (American Airlines) can be aggressive and breathing trouble in the air
  5. Chow Chow (Delta) – breathing issues as well as larger size and aggression
  6. Shar Pei (Delta) – can be aggressive and have reported breathing difficulties in the air
  7. Boxer (Delta) breathing related issues due to their snub noses
  8. Pugs or Bulldogs or dangerous dogs (British Airways) no aggressive breeds or snub-nosed dogs that have breathing difficulties
  9. No pets allowed (Tiger Air)
  10. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Malaysia Airlines) because of respiratory issues
  11. Akita (Malaysia Airlines) can be aggressive, large, and can show signs of distress and breathing difficulties
  12. Chihuahua (Malaysia Airlines) pets are not allowed in the cabin anymore.  The small breed can be injured in the cargo areas and show signs of distress and breathing trouble.


Flying with your pooch differs from airline to airline. Some allow pets in both cargo and the cabin, and many only allow pets on just the cabin area. Temperature is a significant factor in airline travel. In very hot or freezing temperatures, the airline will not let you fly with your dog.


 Sarah writes for Crazy Pet Guy. She gathers information on pet care and shares it with readers hoping to educate more people on how to take care of their pets.



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