Dogecoin Soars to 3-Year High, Backed by Coinbase Inclusion and GigaWallet Launch


In a surprising twist of financial momentum, Dogecoin (DOGE) has vaulted to a three-year high, its value surging to a remarkable $0.22 per coin. As an astonishing stride in the elongated marathon of this meme coin’s journey, it has revitalized faith among those predicting DOGE’s potential ascension to the coveted $1-mark within the expanse of the ongoing bull run.

A swell of attention is anticipated for Dogecoin, incited by its forthcoming addition to the diversified portfolio of America’s renowned cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase. Earlier, it was announced that this respected platform has finalized arrangements to incorporate the meme coin into its futures contract offerings. Joining the game in April, Coinbase Derivatives plans to be the inaugurator of leveraged and CFTC-regulated futures contracts for Dogecoin.

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This move introduces a tempting platter of possibilities to institutional investors, allowing them to dabble in DOGE futures from April. Viewed as a potential game-changer for the meme coin, the sheer level of investment capital that institutions could plunge into the ecosystem might substantially enhance DOGE’s implications in the fiscal world. Coinbase concludes that DOGE has evolved past its meme-coin origins, poised to pique the interest of these high-capacity investors.

With the derivatives market renowned for its substantial influence on a digital token’s price, DOGE’s cost could witness a thrilling surge of upward volatility towards the $1 mark, conditioned by the sentiment these investors harbor towards it. And while Bitcoin trades at a towering $69,964, some wonder if DOGE will follow suit.

Adding to the wave of novelty, the Dogecoin Foundation announced, over the platform previously known as Twitter, the release of Dogecoin GigaWallet v1.0. Promising a user-friendly API for ventures like online shops, exchanges, and social media platforms, the GigaWallet will facilitate programmable Dogecoin transactions—an innovation set to solidify DOGE’s potential for wider adoption.

Coinciding with the renewed interest amongst retail investors towards the crypto market, the launch of GigaWallet may stir an uptick in Dogecoin’s user base, offering a feasible boost to its market price. As suggested by cryptocurrency expert, Scott Melker, the previous bull run had witnessed DOGE’s appeal amongst such investors. Given its latest developments and enhanced accessibility, DOGE may once again become this group’s favored investment choice.

Adding to Dogecoin’s growing allure is the possible integration of DOGE payments into the X platform. There are growing conjectures that the social media juggernaut may include DOGE in its payment service, given Elon Musk’s known predilection for the meme coin. With provisions for such a significant platform, GigaWallet could streamline the process, thereby, amplifying DOGE’s utility.

According to figures indicated by CoinMarketCap, at the time of writing, DOGE was floating at around $0.21, experiencing a minor dip in the past 24 hours. However, within the continuously evolving landscape of the shattered crypto market, few things remain constant for long.