Dogecoin May Soar by 700%: Analysts Predict Parabolic Rise to $1


Renowned cryptocurrency analyst Mags has hinted at a potential surge in Dogecoin’s (DOGE) price that could rocket it by a massive 700%, placing it well above the coveted $1 mark. This prediction rides on the back of a notable rebound in Dogecoin’s on-chain metrics, painting a distinctly optimistic future for the much-loved meme cryptocurrency.

Mags, in a post on a social media platform, confidently stated that Dogecoin is on the brink of a parabolic ascent. He speculated that the prestigious meme coin is set to take a giant 700% leap in this market cycle, elevating its value beyond $1.

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Known for his successful prediction of Dogecoin’s robust 170x price augmentation during the last bull run, Mags revealed he has been discreetly amassing DOGE over the recent months. Clearly, he eagerly anticipates the hefty 7x return that awaits if the meme coin indeed executes this ambitious move.

According to current projections, a 700% price appreciation of Dogecoin would see the meme coin secure a value as high as $1.17. This forecast echoes the sentiments of other crypto connoisseurs, such as Ali Martinez, who also foresee Dogecoin ascending to the $1 milestone in this market cycle. This prediction, however, is dwarfed by crypto analyst Capt Toblerone’s exceedingly bullish conjecture, which suggests that Dogecoin may achieve a stunning 1,300% rally, hitting as high as $1.5.

Capt Toblerone, though, diverges from Mags by predicting a steep 30% price nosedive for Dogecoin, dropping it to just about $0.108 before it catapults upward. Notably, certain Dogecoin on-chain metrics have returned to a healthy green, signaling an impending bullish phase for the prominent meme coin.

Market intelligence data from the platform IntoTheBlock indicates that Dogecoin whales are busy accumulating the meme coin, marked by an uptick of 2.64% in substantial transactions over the past few days. Naturally, the increased activity has sparked a bullish sentiment in Dogecoin’s Bid-Ask Volume Imbalance. Potential investors eyeing DOGE should tread with caution, though, as the majority of current holders are “in the money,” or enjoying profits.

This profitable scenario could potentially trigger a wave of sell-offs, briefly causing Dogecoin’s price to dip – a scenario that presents an ideal entry point for prospective investors.

Alongside these market fluctuations, industry insiders have been speculating on the possible creation of a Dogecoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). Bloomberg analyst James Seyffart recently pondered the likelihood of a Dogecoin ETF being one of the next crypto funds to be operational, following the acceptance of the Spot Ethereum ETFs.

Crypto venture capitalist Andrew Kang also endorsed this belief, audaciously stating, “The odds for a DOGE ETF look brighter than ever.”. He credits this optimism to the probability of a significant regulatory breakthrough in the US crypto sector if the proposed Financial Innovation and Technology for the 21st Century (FIT21) bill is passed.

The creation of a Dogecoin ETF could significantly buoy the meme coin’s price to that elusive $1 mark or beyond. This echoes the impact of Spot Bitcoin ETFs on Bitcoin’s value, which helped Bitcoin reach new peaks in March.