Dogecoin Crashes, Loses 70% Value Amid Struggling Crypto Market


A chill has descended upon the cryptocurrency market, and Dogecoin (DOGE), the Shiba Inu-faced hero of the 2021 memecoin madness, is feeling the bite. Once a beacon of retail investor euphoria, DOGE has crashed, losing over 70% from its once stellar zenith. This has thrown its future into a realm of uncertainty, casting a dark shadow where there was once glorious light.

As Bitcoin, the gravitational entity of the crypto cosmos, continues to stir the pot, causing a ripple effect with its recent instability, the repercussions on memecoins— especially DOGE— have been savage. Unlike the diverging viewpoints surrounding Bitcoin, the general consensus for DOGE’s current status is unambiguously negative.

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In the latest market snapshot, DOGE was quoted at $0.132, sliding 5.4% within the past 24 hours and a further 20% within the previous seven days, as per data from Coingecko.

DOGE’s struggles have not gone unnoticed, with some analysts voicing their fears that the historically robust memecoin’s failings might spell out a dire situation for the entire crypto realm. If even DOGE, which has often soared to incredible heights, can’t retain its grip on gains, it calls risk appetite within the crypto sector into question.

However, amid the slump, there twinkles a minute spark of optimism for the once reigning meme sovereign. On-chain data discloses an intriguing rise in considerable wallet purchases of DOGE, suggesting potentially subtle accumulation by affluent investors. This ‘contrarian’ move points to the possibility that some impactful elements are leveraging platforms like Coinglass to snope Dogecoin derivatives, buoyed by a belief that the coin is undervalued and ready for a resurgence.

Coinglass, a widely utilized cryptocurrency data provider, yields insights into factors that could be steering these investors’ decisions. By scrutinizing elements like open interest, funding rates, and liquidations on Coinglass, these players might envisage a lucrative chance to procure DOGE at a discounted rate.

Highlighting the accumulation trend, Whale Alert, a renowned blockchain monitor, reported two substantial DOGE transactions instigated by a single entity within one day. The first transfer moved 150,000,000 Dogecoins, followed by an additional shuffle of 76,316,694 DOGE— adding up to a staggering 226 million DOGE or an equivalent of approximately $40 million in fiat currency at that time.

The imminent weeks appear critical for DOGE’s fate. A revival of positive social media chatter, along with sustained accumulation by influential entities— likely utilizing Coinglass for strategic market analysis— might just be the catalyst that reignites the DOGE rally. Nonetheless, if the prevailing market dip persists, DOGE’s sunny days may be lost in a crypto winter, leaving it shivering in the proverbial doghouse.