Dog Trainer’s Gambling Addiction Leads to Negligent Pet Death


Josephine Ragland, a 27-year-old Connecticut resident and self-proclaimed dog trainer, has found herself under arrest following the shocking death of a dog in her care. In an astounding admission of guilt, Ragland confessed to being on a “casino bender” at the time of the animal’s demise.

A Massachusetts family, the Hansons, had entrusted the life of their three-year-old French bulldog, Charlie, to Ragland’s expertise, having paid her $2,000 for an intensive training course. The Hansons were lured in by Ragland’s private training business, Everything Animals, listed on Thumbtack – a popular home services app. However, they soon found themselves embedded in a heart-wrenching saga.

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Posing under a pseudo-name, Lilly, Ragland exuded an aura of professionalism and a genuine affection for dogs, enough to cast away any doubts the Hansons might have had. But her deception ran deep as the tragic reality unfolded over the coming weeks.

Days into Charlie’s touted training period, he met his unfortunate end, most likely due to starvation. Even more shockingly, Ragland continued to fuel the facade of a normal training period, sharing images and videos of Charlie to his anxious family. Her spin of lies spun out of control on the day of Charlie’s expected return, when she claimed a car breakdown and an alleged accident leading to Charlie’s death. A lie that crumbled under police scrutiny when Charlie’s body was discovered far from Ragland’s home.

Further investigation revealed Ragland’s disturbing pattern of negligence, not just confined to Connecticut. She had been tied to similar cases in California and other states. Her disguise as a reputable trainer and business with inflated reviews on Thumbtack betrayed the trust of multiple dog owners nationwide.

Ragland’s questionable training practices were not just tied to animals but peculiarly navigated into the realm of personal vice. Under police custody, she admitted to “issues with gambling” and attendance to the casino “every day before and after work.”

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